Discover the Durability of the 2001 Toyota 4 Runner SUV

2001 Toyota 4 Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is one of the more durable cars that Toyota makes. The 4Runner has all the tough parts you need to go off the beaten path. It can also have plush seats, automatic climate control, and other high-end features added to it. Overall, the 2001 Toyota 4 Runner is easy to drive, has a smooth ride on the highway, handles well, and has a lot of space for storage.

With the standard V6 engine and four-speed automatic gearbox, the car moves quickly. For 2001, all cars with rear-wheel drive come with stability control, anti-lock brakes, and traction control. Here is the best 2011 Toyota Venza you can visit and buy now!

Toyota Redesign 

Toyota has changed the 4Runner lineup for 2001. There are now only two trim options and one engine to choose from. You can choose between the basic SR5 and the high-end Limited, with either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. At 4,800 rpm, a 3.4-liter, dual-overhead-cam, V6 engine with an automatic four-speed gearbox makes 183 horsepower, but to get the most torque, you have to rev the engine to the middle of the band.

It gets the job done, but you’ll probably wish it had more power. For 2001, both the five-speed manual gearbox and the differential locks that could be added to cars with row-your-own-gears are gone. For 2001 Toyota 4 runner has added some very cool technologies that come as standard.

Every new 4Runner has Vehicle Skid Control (VSC), Traction Control (TC), and ABS with electronic brake force distribution and brake help. VSC is a stability control system that helps the driver keep control of the 4Runner when a side skid is noticed. In an emergency, brake assist can apply full stopping power faster than the driver can.

When riders finally get inside, they see a chunky, functional dashboard that looks more like it was put together than styled. No matter, from a practical point of view, it works. Both the front and back seats are comfortable and supportive, and backseat passengers have a lot of headroom.

The cloth seats in the SR5 Sport are rough, but the leather hides in the Limited are much more comfortable. On Limited models, a new sun visor design with extensions and a HomeLink radio come as standard. On 2001 Toyota 4 runner sr5 models, this set-up is an extra cost. Here is the best 2024 Toyota Crown you can check it!

Toyota 4 Runner 2001 Specs 

When the back seat is up, there is space for 44.6 cubic feet of cargo, and when it is folded down, there is space for 79.8 cubic feet. The toyota 4 runner 2001 is great off-road and can tow up to 5,000 pounds when it is properly equipped.

It has up to 11 inches of ground clearance when the extra P265/70R16 tyres are chosen. With the big optional sunroof, the powered rear window in the hatch, and the lowered side windows, the car feels open and airy, almost like a convertible, but it’s not.

If you get the SR5 with the optional Sports Package, the fenders will be dinged, the hood will be lowered, and the bodywork will be one color. Underneath, there will be bigger brakes, bigger alloy wheels, and a performance-oriented rear differential.

The Limited has a lot of chrome details, fake wood, heated seats, and two-tone paint to make it stand out as the more stylish option. Still, people who like trucks will like the 2001 Toyota 4 runner.

This SUV, like most other Toyotas, is strong and solid, both inside and out, and has great crash-test scores from both the government and the auto industry. From $5,990 to $22,995, you can buy a 2001 toyota 4 runner for sale. The new power shows up in the fuel economy, which is estimated to be 16/19 city/highway.

The cabin is big and comfy, especially the parts that are made of leather. People who still buy SUVs can go off-roading on the roads in them because they have a high ground clearance. Here is the best Toyota Tundra hybrid you can check it now!

2001 Toyota 4 Runner Pros and Cons


  • Great scores in crash tests, a big cabin, tough truck-like underpinnings, and a power hatch glass.


  • It’s hard to get in and out of, has an old panel design, a weak V6 engine, and rides and handles like a truck.

What’s New

Base models have been taken off the market, leaving the Limited and SR5 price levels with standard automatic transmissions, Vehicle Skid Control (VSC), traction control, ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, and Brake Assist.

This year, all 4Runners have power door locks, a trailer hitch harness that is already wired, a different head design, and new taillights. There are new wheels for the Limited and the Sport, and there is a new 3-in-1 premium music system with a CD changer.

On the Limited, updated sun visors with extensions and a programmable HomeLink radio come as standard, while the SR5 can be ordered with these features. Limited also gets a new wood trim colour and front seat heaters as standard. Bad news for serious off-roaders: the extra differential lock is no longer available since the manual gearbox has been phased out.

On the colour chart, three new colours have taken the place of two old ones. Even with its optional stability-control system, the 4Runner is still a good choice for a medium SUV. Still, the car’s rough ride, tight cabin, high floor, and low roof show that it was based on a pickup truck.

On the other hand, better driving in an emergency and the ability to go off-road help make up for these flaws. Here is the best 2024 Toyota 4Runner Specification and Features!

Safety Features

Brakes that don’t lock up

  • ABS brakes can tell when a tyre has stopped turning because of hard stopping, and they can adjust the pressure on the brakes to let the tyre turn again. This makes it easier for the car to turn while stopping.

Control of Stability

  • Stability control automatically senses when the vehicle’s limits for handling have been reached and reduces engine power or uses certain brakes to keep the driver from losing control of the vehicle.

Airbags in the front

  • Front-impact airbags for the driver and passenger are made to protect the head in the event of a head-on collision.


  • Seatbelt pretensioners tighten the straps before a crash so that the person is sitting in the best position.

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