New 2024 Kia Soul Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

2024 kia soul

Price, Interior, Release Date, and Full Specs on the New 2024 Kia Soul EX! It rivals with the Toyota C-HR, Nissan Kicks, and Hyundai Venue because it looks good, gets good gas mileage, and doesn’t cost too much. The Soul’s boxy shape and short roof hide the fact that it is a cheap car.

It has the same nose as other Kias, but the one on this year’s model is new. The almost unreadable logo and the small LED headlights on high-end models. The earlier X-Line edition’s bulky add-ons have been taken away. Leaving a body with a smooth shape that gets lines as it gets closer to the end.

Compared to the first Soul that came out. Even though the black trim around the rear ribs and the many Cut lines on the tailgate look like too much, they are striking. Here is the best 2024 Lexus TX you can check it now!

Features of the New 2024 Kia Soul EX 

A new 8.0-inch tablet is now standard on the base 2024 Kia Soul EX hatchback. Active lane control, blind-spot tracking, and automatic emergency braking are all part of the technology package that comes standard on the Soul LX. There are also versions with a 10.3-inch tablet and wireless charging for cell phones. The Kia Soul comes in four different styles.

The Kia Soul comes in LX, S, EX, and GT-Line trim levels. In the end, none of them are as pretty as they seem. We really like the Soul because it looks sporty and has a big cabin. Most Souls are powered by a 2.0-liter inline-4 engine with 147 horsepower that is connected to a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

It works about the same as a car in the same price range, but it’s slower and only gets 31 mpg on the highway. It has a turbo-4 engine with 201 horsepower and a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that shakes a lot at low speeds.

The Soul should be treated better because it has a smooth ride and is easy to drive. If necessary, the Soul can carry up to five people. Everyone will have enough room for their head and legs, but the shoulder room in the back will limit how big people can be. Here is the best 2024 Infiniti q50 you can check specs and feature.

When will the new Kia Soul be out?

In July 2024, the brand-new 2024 Kia Soul will come out. The previous model of this much-anticipated car has been completely redesigned, and it has a lot of new features and specs that are sure to get both drivers and riders excited.

Some of the new features that stand out are a more powerful engine, updated outer and interior design, and a wide range of new safety and technology features. When the all-new Soul comes out this summer, you’ll be able to enjoy everything it has to offer. Here is the best 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee you can check it now!

Details about the new Kia Soul EX

The new 2024 kia soul is an updated and more modern version of the Kia Soul. It has a new face and new headlights, and the taillights have also been changed. Both the front and back of the Soul EX have been changed. The general look is more aggressive and sporty than the last model. Both a six-speed manual transmission an automatic transmission are offered for the Soul EX.

With 147 horsepower & 132 lb-ft of torque, the engine in the manual transmission is more strong. With 140 horsepower and 131 lb-ft of torque, the engine in the automatic transmission is a little less strong. Both engines have four cylinders and are 2.0L.

You can also get all-wheel drive for the Soul EX. The Soul EX starts at a price of $20,320 for the base form. The base price for the all-wheel drive type is $22,070. Here is the best Dodge Durango Lease you can check performance and specs!

How much the new Kia Soul EX costs

The price of the new Kia Soul EX has not yet been set. This is because Kia hasn’t said how much the car will cost because it hasn’t been launched yet. We do know, though, that the base form of the Kia Soul will cost $16,490.

The $975 delivery charge is not included in this price, so the total will be $17,465 instead. We don’t know how much the better trim levels will cost yet, but we think they will cost more than the base model.

Overall, the 2023 kia soul colors looks great and is sure to get people’s attention. The new Soul EX does not let you down when it comes to the inside. The bedroom is big and airy, and there is plenty of room for both people and things. All of the buttons are easy to reach, and the seats are comfortable and firm.

The new infotainment system is easy to use and will keep you busy on long drives. So, what’s the end result? The new Kia Soul EX is a great-looking car with a stylish exterior and a roomy, comfy interior.

It’s sure to get people’s attention and make long car rides more fun. If you’re looking for a new car, you should put the Soul EX at the top of your list. Here is the amazing features and specs of the 2024 Chevy Chevelle with more power!

Why you should wait for the new Kia Soul EX

The new Kia Soul EX was worth the wait because it looks great, is cheap, and is a lot of fun to drive. It has a four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine that makes 147 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque. The Soul EX also has a seven-inch touchscreen display, a six-speed automatic gearbox, and front-wheel drive.

The new Kia Soul EX is also a great choice for families because it has a number of safety features. A blind spot monitor, a lane departure warning, and a rearview camera are some of these tools.

The 2024 Kia Soul EX also comes with a powertrain guarantee that lasts for five years and 60,000 miles. So, if you want a car that looks good, is cheap, and keeps you safe, the new Kia Soul EX is worth the wait. Here is the best 2023 Honda Pilot Colors you can check it now!

The Engine and how it works

The basic Soul would have a 2.0-liter inline-four engine that would send 147 horsepower to front wheels through a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The Soul is different from the last model, so you won’t find a manual engine in it.

This setup is thought to be the best because it won’t put too much stress on the system that controls the front wheels. There is an optional 201-hp turbo four-cylinder engine with an automatic dual-clutch gear.

This one would be better for roads instead of city streets (the last one was better for city streets) because it can run smoothly without lagging or being late. Here is the best Performance and Features of the Chevy Cruze ss you can check it now!

How things will go

Aside from how it looks, you can also expect the new 2024 Kia Soul to have a better cabin and a little more power. You can expect some features to be common, like wireless charging and a touchscreen display. You should also expect safety driving help.

Soul should be able to attract drivers of all ages because it has an exterior that is both sporty and sleek and an interior that is both stylish and comfortable. We should wait until we hear more about the features and technologies that will be offered.

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