New 2024 Toyota Prius Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

2024 Toyota Prius

The 2024 Toyota Prius is still one of the most fuel-efficient cars on the market, even though it just got its most risky update ever. The latest Prius has an engine that helps it move quickly enough to get out of its own way and then some. The 2024 Prius has up to 75 more horsepower than the model that came before it, for a total of up to 196 ponies.

Plus, the Prius is much easier to drive than other cars. With such a big redesign still in the rearview mirror, it’s possible that 2024 Toyota Prius won’t make any big changes to the Prius in 2024. In the meantime, fuel-efficient drivers who still aren’t interested in the current Prius can look at other options.

There are the Hyundai Elantra Hybrid, the Kia Niro, and the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, among others. But if you like what Toyota has done with the Prius, you should read our full Edmunds Expert Rating to find out all the facts and what our testing team thought. Here is the best 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander you can check and buy now!

Toyota Prius Storage

How is the space? When the hatchback of the Prius is open, there is 20.3 cubic feet of room behind the back seats. This is more room than the trunk of a sedan of the same size, but it’s less than what previous Prius models had. It’s now shorter and thinner than it used to be, and a set of golf clubs wouldn’t fit across the back of the Prius. The higher floor of the cargo area might make you think there is storage under the floor, but there isn’t any.

Up front, the 2024 Toyota Prius has a narrow but deep storage bin in the center console and a useful rubberized space under the dashboard for small things. The wireless charging pad is next to the gear shifter, which is very handy. The cupholders are a little bit bigger than normal, so most water bottles will fit in them.

Fuel Economy 9.0/10

How well does it use gas? The best thing about the Prius is how efficient it is, and this latest model still lives up to that promise. The EPA says that in a mix of city and highway driving, the LE trim will get 57 mpg and the XLE and Limited trims, which have front-wheel drive, will get 52 mpg. Each of these numbers goes down by 3 mpg for AWD cars.

On our real-world test route, we got 52.3 mpg, which is very close to the 52 mpg combined number that the EPA says the Limited FWD Prius should get. There’s a reason why the name “Prius” and “good gas mileage” go together.

The Toyota Prius 2024 release date

Let us tell you that Toyota Motors will soon make a new hybrid car called the Toyota Prius. It’s also one of the high-end cars and the best-selling model in places like the USA and Canada, so we’re waiting for it to come out and start taking orders.

We’re sorry to say that Toyota Motors hasn’t said anything public about when the new Toyota Prius will be on sale. But news stories and big websites say that the new Toyota Prius could come out as early as 2024 or as late as 2023. But you won’t be able to book it until later this year.

2024 Toyota Prius Price

Toyota Motors sold the 2023 Toyota Prius in 6 different trims: LE, LE AWD, XLE, XLE AWD, Limited, and Limited AWD. Prices for all trim levels range from $27,450 to $35,865.

Even though the Toyota Prius was a big part of getting people to buy hybrid cars, the fact that HEVs are now available in a wide range of types means that the market has changed. Here is the best performance of the 2024 Toyota RAV4 you can check now!

2.0-liter Plug-in Hybrid System

The new Prius has Toyota’s first 2.0-liter Plug-in Hybrid System, which makes it go much faster and be much quieter than the old model. With a high-efficiency Dynamic Force Engine and lithium-ion batteries for high output drive, the system can reach a maximum output of 164 kW (223 PS) while using the same amount of fuel as the previous model.

About 50% more miles can be driven in an EV than in the last model. This means that the new Prius can run on EV mode alone for most regular drives because the battery is better.

With the PHEV, the battery pack is under the back seat instead of in the trunk. This makes the new Prius center of gravity lower and lets it carry more goods. Together, these features give you a good mix of sporty driving and better usability.

2.0-liter / 1.8-liter Series Parallel Hybrid System

The latest Series Parallel Hybrid System is used in this form of the new Prius. It has good acceleration and responsive driving in a car that responds as predicted, and it uses the same amount of gas as the last model.

The 2.0-liter version has a maximum system output of 144 kW (193 PS), which is 1.6 times more than the previous model. This gives the fast new Prius a good dynamic performance. Here is the best 2024 Toyota 4runner reviews you can check it!

E-Four Engine of 2024 Toyota Prius

This one has the most recent E-Four engine. It has a high-output motor and other features that help it go uphill better on roads with low friction, like snow-covered roads, and make turns more stable. Toyota has shown the world the all-new Prius for the first time. Series Parallel Hybrid (HEV) models will come out in the winter of 2022, and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) models will come out in the spring of 2023.

With the slogan “Just in time for the 21st century,” the 2024 Toyota Prius was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car when it came out in 1997. The second version of the model was the first to have the Prius distinctive mono form shape. It also got even better gas mileage thanks to an improved Series Parallel Hybrid System (THSII).

In the third version of the Prius, a bigger 1.8-liter engine and a more efficient hybrid system were added to improve both gas mileage and driving performance. With the fourth version, the Prius was the first car to use the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform. This gave the car better environmental performance and a new way to drive. Here is the 2024 Toyota Stout specification and specs!


The Prius, whose name comes from the Latin word for “to go before,” has been a leader in the growth of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) for the past 25 years, ever since it was introduced as a new generation of eco-cars with great gas mileage. As of March 2022, about 5.05 million Prius cars had been sold all over the world.

This meant that at least 82 million tons of CO2 were not being released into the air. The Prius was the first car to use a hybrid system, but now almost every model, from small cars to SUVs, minivans, and commercial vehicles, has a hybrid form that many people love and enjoy.

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