Unleash Power with Badlander Truck Upgrades

Badlander Truck

For the 2022 Badlander Truck pickup truck, the tuning kit from Tuscany Motor Company goes above and beyond what the TRX version is capable of. It is claimed that it can “conquer any terrain” and provide “rugged luxury.

The bundle combines an aggressive appearance with exceptional off-road capability and is based on the Big Horn or Laramie trim levels. It also comes with Tuscany’s three-year/36,000-mile guarantee and FMVSS compliance. Here is the best Black Widow Truck you can check!

The Badlands region in South Dakota served as inspiration for the beast, as indicated by its name. Since Ford used the similar concept for its Bronco Badlands, it is not the first time. The badlander truck was equipped with a full Fox Racing Shocks package and 2.5-inch Performance Elite Series coilovers in order to live up to its moniker.

These will raise the rather plain 1500 by six inches from the factory level. It will undoubtedly feel at home on any surface when equipped with either 20 or 22-inch badlander truck wheels and 37-inch BF Good rich T/A KM3 tyres. Of course, all of these upgrades also include the necessary recalibrations for the speedometer and tyre sensors.

The powerful 5.7-liter HEMI V8 beneath the hood hasn’t undergone any modification aside from Tuscany Motor Company installing a performance exhaust system for a rich, deep rumble.

Anyone should be happy with the engine’s continued delivery of 395 HP and 410 lb-ft (556 Nm) of torque to all four wheels through a ZF eight-speed automated gearbox. Here is the best Mazda 1990 truck you can check it now!

Features of Badlander Trucks

Regarding the rough luxury mentioned in the introduction, Tuscany felt free to add leather seats with the Badlander Truck brand that were built to order. The door panels are covered in the same leather, and the stock instrument panel was replaced with a fully customized gauge kit. To keep out curious eyes, the car also had tinted windows all around.

Although the cost of this beast relies on the pickup truck utilised as the foundation for the project, we may infer that the finished vehicle will cost close to six figures. This is substantially more expensive than the Ram 1500 Laramie’s base pricing, which is often approximately $50,000. Here is the best Nissan Truck 1994 you can check it now!

Badlander’s Applied to a RAM Truck

The Badlander’s signature aggressive design and exclusive components have been meticulously adapted for the RAM 1500.

 with a distinctive design that combines power and performance for a unique lifted truck. The exclusive appearance of the custom-designed RAM 1500 badlander truck is created by its custom front bumper, Tuscany “Fire” rims in black, premium leather interior, and custom stainless steel gauge cluster.

. “All Tuscany Motor Co. trucks offer a superior ownership experience that distinguishes you on the road and during off-road excursions.” Here is the best Performance and Features of the 2023 GMC Syclone you can check it now!

Amazing Turnkey Vehicles

badlander truck provides turnkey vehicles that are furnished and ready to drive off the lot and on to your next destination. Each new RAM 1500 Badlander has been subjected to extensive proprietary vehicle design, customization, and testing. Among the unique RAM 1500. Here is the best 1990 Dodge Truck you can check it!

 Badlander Characteristics are:

  • Professionally equipped with FMVSS certification and a 3 year/36,000-mile factory warranty directly from the dealership.
  • Custom grille and fender extensions with custom paint, signature “Badlander” badging, custom performance exhaust with 5-inch dual tips, and more.
  • The interior features carbon fibre interior detailing, leather “Badlander” door inserts, and a “Badlander” emblem on the dashboard.
  • The suspension of the RAM 1500 Badlander is optimised for on-road comfort and off-road performance. BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain KM3 37-inch tyres, a 6-inch BDS Suspension lift system, and FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Shocks deliver incredible performance and precision control. The FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Shocks’ remote reservoir can be adjusted for optimal travel and performance on any terrain.

Badlander employs BDS Suspension Components

This unique truck is equipped with 37-inch BFGoodrich tyres that have proved to be dependable for off-road enthusiasts. These tyres incorporate CoreGuard technology for more durable sidewalls. The design and composition of these tyres offer superior traction and treadwear. These tyres are mounted on custom-made 20-inch Tuscany rims for the Badlander. 

In addition to the FOX shocks and coilovers, the Badlander employs BDS Suspension components and underbody protection. These components are designed and constructed for off-road use.

These components feature sturdy, laser-cut cross members that are designed for optimum clearance. BDS also provided the Badlander with a robust skid plate design for superior underbody protection. Here is the Best trucks for snow you can c heck it now!

Do you require a vehicle as tough as you? 

Perhaps you simply wish to attract attention on the road. Regardless of the reason, everyone merits the experience of driving a unique vehicle. Why not take a peek at the badlander truck GMC Sierra from Tuscany Lifted Trucks?

This truck maintains the aggressive yet professional appearance that so many individuals seek. This truck’s aggressive posture is the first thing you’ll notice about it. This posture is the result of the six-inch suspension elevation. Here is the 1997 Nissan Truck you can check it!

 In addition to the lift, the suspension features high-quality, heavy-duty performance dampers. This suspension configuration allows you to travel anywhere necessary. The 20-inch Tuscany custom black and milled wheels with 325 BFG KO2 all-terrain tyres look fantastic and are off-road capable. This Sierra will not let you down, whether your destination is on the road or in the mud.

The “active air” hood scoop on the Tuscany is another excellent feature of this truck. Not only does this scoop appear incredible, but it also provides tangible performance benefits. Here is the best 2024 Chevy Silverado you can check it now!

The Tuscany custom fender vents pair flawlessly with the “active air” hood scoop and make the front of your truck stand out from the crowd. The color-matched fender extensions are essential for off-road driving.

These fender flares ensure that your truck always appears great by catching the majority of off-road debris. This Sierra’s factory emblems have been removed and replaced with Tuscany emblems.

These badges ensure that you and everyone else on the road are aware that you are operating an extremely rare vehicle. Out of the black powder-coated exhaust tips, the stainless steel exhaust tailored to a Tuscany sound is deep and throaty. 

Badlander GMC Sierra includes a new front-end Alignment

This exhaust inspires confidence while driving and proclaims your dominance over the road. Tuscany’s Badlander Truck GMC Sierra includes a new front-end alignment, recalibrated tyre sensors and a recalibrated speedometer to account for the suspension elevation.

The Lander This elevated truck’s interior is equally as impressive as its exterior. When you open the door, the custom Tuscany seating suite will be immediately apparent. Here is the best 2023 Chevy Avalanche you can check it now!


The headrests and floor mats feature a professional-looking Tuscany logo to make the interior of your vehicle stand out even more. This Badlander Truck windows are so darkly tinted that you can travel without worrying about the sun obscuring your vision.

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